After the sunrise beach shoot.  Nine am.  Post McDonalds hash browns and a McMuffin.

Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.
— Bo Derek

My most prestigious accomplishment was in 2009 when Joseph Semaan and Manal Abdullah from Rokk Ebony South Yarra entered the Wella Trend Vision 2009 Competition - a massive and extremely prestigious event.  I was chosen to be their model, and from the photographs entered we were chosen to participate in the semi-final competition in Sydney in July of 2009.  We won the Australian National Competition and further went to Berlin in October of 2009 to compete internationally.

Read this.

I am experienced with a few things including archery and kick-boxing, plus I am always willing to learn new things to bring to a photoshoot.  I am versatile and competent, and determined to persevere through anything including shooting in all weather types.  I will do anything for an amazing shot.  Once, I was at a TEST photoshoot for sixteen hours.  We shot until five in the morning, took over a thousand photos, and I was still pumped for more.  I lay in nearly freezing water just for a good photo, and prior to that I was hanging off chains.  Both of these looks resulted in back pain and a cold, but the photos were brilliant.
If I would do that at a test shoot, I'd do it for any shoot. 

This is where I hang.