My name is Claire Elizabeth Shorland, but I often go by Claire Elizabeth in the modeling world. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I believe that my best features are my long legs, and my bright smile. 

Unless a picture shocks, it is nothing.
— Marcel Duchamp

I have been modeling since 2007, starting when I was seventeen by doing a course with Tanya Powell Modelling Agency.  Since then I have mainly been doing hair modeling until I completed the Model Academy modeling course in 2010, after which I was signed with FRM Reel Faces.

I have a lot of experience modeling, and my training includes (as mentioned above) the Beginners Modelling Course at Tanya Powell Modelling Agency and the Advanced Modelling Course at Tanya Powell Modelling Agency, both completed in 2007.  I also completed the Model Academy Modelling Course in 2010.