Trip Down Memory Lane

So I have spent most of this evening attempting to find old articles and videos to cut for my website, but researching is hard!  I have a lot of them on my 'press' page already, but I'm trying to find the actual publication dates to credit and caption, and it's starting to give me a headache.  :(

I mean, sure, I spent a bit of time watching Doctor Who reruns and then I also did some mood boards on my Pinterest and answered some emails from MM and my contact page, but now I'm just super drained!

I was pretty beat after personal training, and my trainer had me do nothing but my core and my bum (which for my and my back issues is a huge struggle at the moment), but now it's 11.37pm and my brain seems to be working okay (slightly) but my body is about to give in!  Bed soon I think ..