Bargain Hunting ..

So today I was out to lunch on Clarendon Street in South Melbourne and wandered past a beautiful antique shop called GRAYS.  I have been in here a few times, but never with the intention of looking for any particular thing, just with a general curiosity or when I'm in the area and needing to pass the time.

Upon entering, you are greeted with a plethora of scattered objects in the two front display windows - furniture, statues, lamps, books, cutlery and trinkets, all stacked and strewn around and on top of each other.  Further exploration will lead you to bigger furniture items, and after passing this, you can go into a back room, which leads to another back room or up a flight of stairs.  With each step, the items become more random and grow in size, with the occasional small item placed on top of a larger one.

Usually I dart my eyes around the room with no intention of looking at items for purchase, and I rarely look at price tags.  Today, however; was different.

In the corner of my eye I spotted a long, silver object sparkling in the sunlight.  On the back was what looked like white lace on a lilac panel.  As I got closer, I realised the item was a handheld mirror - about twenty centimetres in length - sitting next to a matching brush of the same size.  The mirror and brush are identical aside from one having a reflective surface on one side, and the other having brush bristles.  

My first thought was 'these will be perfect for the photoshoot next weekend'.  Of course, I bought them, and the set was only $19.

After the shoot I may look into having the items appraised.  I am overly excited and extremely curious to know what I might have purchased.  Whether they are real antique items or not won't phase me - I'm still ecstatic about the price, especially for what I intend to use initially as a prop, then perhaps as a display piece in my room.

You can see the GRAYS website here.