A Wombat Tried to Kill Us ..

What a day!  We left Southbank at 8.30am to venture off into the wilderness.  By 11am we made it into Healesville and decided to stop off at Maroondah Reservoir Park for some photos.

We then set off for Jericho, an abandoned mining town North-East of Melbourne.  Not realising how horrifying the roads were, we made our way through in four "city cars", clearly not prepared for the roads.  Ten minutes out of Jericho, we decided to keep going to Mansfield and skip the town.

After realising that I was extremely low on petrol, we kept pushing through.  There was only one road to take, so we couldn't turn off anywhere to find a town for petrol, or even to find out if we were heading the right way!  We had no reception whatsoever, so Google maps was out of the question.  Luckily, I had printed out some maps on paper, but it still didnt really help.

Eventually, we hit a point where our phones kicked back in and the navigation systems kicked in right along with it.  We were still on the winding mountain roads and had a bit to go, but we were on the right track!

We finally rolled into Mansfield around 8pm, having been driving for hours and hours, thinking we were lost but not actually being lost, almost running out of petrol, almost killing a wombat, slamming on my breaks on icy mountain roads to avoid the wombat, almost fishtailing my car off a cliff, and choking on a Pringle.

Now we are just bumming around the hotel room, drinking beers and being fitted for our clothing for tomorrow.

A few of the team went off to have dinner at the pub, and when they came back they informed us that they met this lovely waitress who asked if we wanted to shoot on their farm tomorrow with their old barns and horses.  Of course, we said yes.

Tomorrow is when the real fun begins!