Skinception ..

So I'm usually pretty skeptical to try new skincare products.  I've had some problems with my skin for years, to the point of being put on prescription medication for it (which, mind you, did nothing).

For the last few months I have been using a new product that I barely noticed was doing anything - hence the lame attempt at a pun for the post title.

Anyway, my good friend Chloe started her business as an independent Arbonne consultant.  She suggested that I try some of their products to use and on a whim I gave it a go.

After beginning to use the products in March, I stopped looking for changes in my face every time I got out of the shower.  It got tiring and after not noticing any major changes, I stopped looking.  Out of habit, I kept using the products after showing and in the morning and night to moisturise.

 .. and then the other day I woke up for work, at a sleepy 7.30am, throwing my face into my hands to rub my eyes to wake up, I suddenly thought to myself, gee your skin feels a little smooth this morning.

I walked over to the mirror to look at myself and noticed that, to my absolute surprise, for the first time in about ten years, I had no pimples.  Not one blemish, pimple, lump, or zit, and all of my pigmentation had cleared up.

I would recommend these products to anyone with skin issues.  My skin has never felt brighter, and softer, than it currently does.  :)

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