'Epic Apartments' Advertisements


I was involved in the renting of a brand new apartment building in Southbank, and as past of my position on the leasing team and also with assisting in marketing, I suggested that we do some promotional videos to put on our real estate advertisements.  Luckily, I was also chosen to be the spokesperson on the videos.  This was by far one of my most favourite days at work.  :)

(They're all quite similar - if you're only going to pick one to watch, I suggest the two bedroom ad, as it's the best one).



'Winners and Losers' TV Show


I was on the set of "Winners and Losers" in season one, episode five, where we were filming scenes for a Melbourne Cup racing day.  It was a great day, meeting a lot of new people, including Alex Perry!  I was blessed to work on the set with one of my favourite humans, Stephen Walden.



'The Cup' Movie


That one time I was in a movie for a collective 4.57 seconds .. I was on set for sixteen hours in the middle of Winter wearing nothing but a little baby pink dress and a white beret with a flower on it, only because the movie was set in the middle of Spring, AND I got to meet Brendan Gleeson - it was actually a really fun day and a wonderful experience.
Mr. Gleeson was also extremely polite - after a crew member offered him his coat as it was freezing, he refused to put on his coat until all 300 extras had theirs on too.  After the crew member told him it would waste too much time to allow us all to take coats on and off between takes, he refused to film the scene until we were treated the same as him.  Needless to say, we all got to wear our coats when they weren't filming.

(Plus, they fed us a lot of food, so that's always good).



'Any Questions for Ben?' Movie


That one time where I was in a movie for 1.6 seconds, and I got to hug Daniel Henshall.
I made my way from the back of the crowd and pushed through until I got to hug him.  We were told to act as guests, seeing as we were at the wedding and we were bound to know one of either the bride or groom - so I figured 'why the hell not' .. and I got my hug.



'Auchrannie Song' Music Video


A music video that I participated in filming for a friend studying film making.
I really enjoyed working on this with my best friend, and her friends that she was studying with.  It was a really great day, and even more so learning about the differet techniques that they were using.  My friend also let me watch her for a bit while she was editing the video, which allowed for an amazing all-round experience.